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Goldfish Challenge

Have you completed a Challenge or Impossible? Be sure to submit it to receive some Gigswag


Wear a GigtheGoldfish T-Shirt to a White House Tour. Get pictures or video.


Wear a GigtheGoldfish embroidered cap in a White House Tour. Get pictures or video.


Gather a crowd (at least 8 people) in front of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. Take a picture of the crowd and the Monument with a ‘GigtheGoldfish’ scroll banner displayed in front. An extra gift to the Gigster who can start the chant “Gig The Goldfish” while completing this Challenge. Other locations can be rewarded for similar completition of this Challenge. (Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, etc)


Wear a GigtheGoldfish cap, T-shirt and display a GigtheGoldfish Scroll Banner on the top floor observatory of the Empire State Building.


Take pictures of the Gigmobile in Washington, DC–either parked or moving. Hopefully we will be in DC in late September. Check Facebook to get the schedule.


Buy ‘The Big Gig’ a drink — hopefully at a bar! The Big Gig will take pictures.


Take a ride with ‘The Big Gig’ in the Gigmobile. ‘The Big Gig’ will take your picture and probably give you the Challenge gift on the spot.


Wear and walk an area in ‘GigtheGoldfish’ sandwich boards (see picture on Facebook) — ‘The Big Gig’ will take your picture and info — and give you your gift on the spot.


At any aquarium, display a scroll banner in front of a Goldfish tank while wearing a ‘GigtheGoldfish’ cap and T-shirt. (Goldfish (the fish) must be visible). Any aquarium qualifies for this Challenge


Gather crowd in front of U,S. White House. Gigster will wear a Gigster T-shirt and embroidered Cap. Gig will have at least 3 Scroll Banners to spread out among the crowd and display. (Extra gifts when several persons have T-shirts and Caps.)


While wearing some GigtheGoldfish clothing and displaying a scroll banner, start the chant “Gig the Goldfish” with at least 8 people in front of the White House. Chant should last at least one minute. Other locations where this Challenge will be honored is the U.S. Capitol Building (inside Capitol or front or back steps), in the lobby of any property owned by President Goldfish, on the first tee of any golf course owned by President Goldfish. Recommendations for other locations to honor for this Challenge will be considered. Let us know.

WARNING NOTE: GigtheGoldfish cannot be held responsible for bail money or other fees and costs.