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Donate to GigtheGoldfish!!!

“GigtheGoldfish” is a powerful concept, a great initiative, an honorable mission and a unique campaign platform to return Honor, Integrity, Respect, Truth and Character to the U. S. Presidency.  

“GigtheGoldfish” will produce needed enthusiasm for this election process—motivating our Nation to this Rally Cry of “””GigtheGoldfish””” that will penetrate every election in America—the Presidency, Senators, Representatives and even Governors.  

On June 21, 2019, CNN news used the headline “Democrats have dropped the ball on making their case to the American people.”  “Impeach Him” was never impactful.

“GigtheGoldfish” is the impactful and cohesive focus point to help identify the Democratic Party and the Candidates.


GigtheGoldfish needs your participation and your involvement!

Campaigns “GigtheGoldfish” will be implementing in the coming months— 

  • Goldfish On-the-Street: “GigtheGoldfish” will be at morning TV shows, on late night TV and at public events such as Game Day.

  • Gig-mobiles:  Vans wrapped in logos travel around the nation to events and elections.

  • Flying banners: Logo Banners will be flown over football games, beaches, and events.

  • Balloons, Signs, Sandwich Boards & 3D replicas: Parade and “GigtheGoldfish” balloons and replicas, scroll signs and placards will be used in most campaigns.

You see the Need and the Opportunity 

Use the Donate button to share the vision and become a part of the experience of “GigtheGoldfish”


If you would like to know how to get involved with a particular campaign and the campaign costs.

Please contact us on the contact page


Together we can accomplish our mission and bring a Change to our Presidency!!!