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GigtheGoldfish hopes to energize and motivate all Gigsters to get involved with everything GigtheGoldfish, including Goldfish Challenges and Gigs Impossible.

Join in and help us GigtheGoldfish.

  • Goldfish Challenges are not-so-difficult to complete, and if accomplished first the gigster will receive a choice of a cap or T-shirt and other select items
  • Gigs Impossible are much more difficult to complete. The Gigster who completes a Gig Impossible first will receive the choice of any three items in our inventory–except the Goldfish Bowl.
  • Anyone achieving any Goldfish Challenge or Gig Impossible will receive a beautiful GigtheGoldfish Challenge Coin. The GigtheGoldfish Challenge Coin is similar to Military and National challenge coins and signify high achievement with no consideration of difficulty or danger.
  • The first person to complete and verify a Challenge or Gig Impossible will receive gifts from the GigtheGoldfish inventory items.
  • We have many Challenges and Gigs Impossible listed. The logistics in reporting your achievement is to email The Big Gig and report your accomplishment and send the proof–pictures or video to validate your accomplishment. People who complete either a Challenge or a Gig Impossible will have their names and, possibly, pictures or video immortalized on and the Facebook page.
  • We encourage Gigsters to design and submit Challenges and Gigs Impossible which they believe should be added to our listing.

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