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The Tale of the Goldfish

When he announced for the Presidency in 2016, I observed him in campaign and personal situations and noticed how much he resembled a Goldfish. His gold complexion and balding gold head reminded me of a goldfish, a member of the bottom feeding carp family. He puckered his lips whenever he talked as goldfish do when they are feeding.  Light shining through his thinning gold hair looked like goldfish scales. His little hands moving back and forth in circles appeared like fins of a goldfish.  His big tail resembled the tail of a goldfish swishing around completing the look of a goldfish. 

I began calling him the ‘goldfish’.  I told my family, we all laughed, and decided to forever call him the “Goldfish”. 

Will The Goldfish have the same “Overcrowding” issue at his next rally’s? I’m sure no matter the number of people that attend he will find a way to spin the explanations an excuses in his favor.  His lack of regard for the health of the American people is frightening…but what do we expect from this Goldfish President!

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