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About Us


GigtheGoldfish is the concept and mission of a group from West Tennessee and is becoming a focus and rally point for everyone in the Democratic Party.

Our Mission and Tag Line

Our Presidency is experiencing Problems!
To restore Honor, Integrity, Respect, Truth and Character to the Presidency

“GigtheGoldfish” is the Place to Start

Here’s why — “GigtheGoldfish” is an online community giving you the opportunity to poke President Goldfish with gigs and products. “GigtheGoldfish” will energize our Nation to return Pride to the Presidency.

The Goldfish

The Goldfish, being an opportunistic creature, swam from his muck in mid-2015 and announced his candidacy for President. Many would soon face the reality that the Goldfish would be disastrous for our Nation. The Goldfish began his campaign, started as a publicity stunt, not by talking about issues and ideas, but instead, by insulting, belittling, attacking and nicknaming almost everyone: friends, foes, Democrats and Republicans, military leaders and heroes, foreign dignitaries and the deceased. No one was beyond the arrogance and depravity of the Goldfish, with the exception of dictators to whom he gravitated. The Goldfish proved himself a narcissistic, a demagogue and a coward. President Goldfish showed himself a rude and crude egotist. He used vulgar talk and was critical to all, lying continuously.

He resembled a Goldfish

A member of the bottom feeding carp family. His lips puckered like a feeding goldfish. His few gold hairs barely covering his balding head looked like fish scales. His hands waving back and forth, like the fins of a Goldfish. His golden complexion was the same color as a goldfish, and his bulbous tail completed the Goldfish look.


In the South gigging frogs is enjoyed each spring. A gig is a sharp prong on the end of a gig-pole which is used to gig(poke) the prey. That relates to the verbal gigs that President Goldfish used. The Goldfish relishes talking and thinking he is the best, the smartest, the richest, the cleverest. But his speech and actions confirmed that he is ignorant, having little knowledge of governing or leading. The people of our country have endured his gigs. Now America has a forum to ‘GigtheGoldfish’.

A Powerful Concept

“GigtheGoldfish” is a powerful concept, platform and campaign for individuals, organizations and the Democratic Party to accomplish the mission to return honor, integrity, respect, truth and character to the Presidency.

“GigtheGoldfish” is the Rally Cry

On June 21, 2019, CNN news used the headline “Democrats have dropped the ball on making their case to the American people.” This election cycle lacks a cohesive focus point for people to identify with. “Impeach Him” has lost its impact. Local, State and National events should have delegates chanting “GigtheGoldfish”!

“GigtheGoldfish” will become a rally cry not only for Democrats but for our Nation to focus attention on issues that have to be addressed.

“GigtheGoldfish” is a unique focus point. In the short term, “GigtheGoldfish” looks at the U.S. Presidency, focusing on removing the stigma of the current office holder. In the future the Republican Party could be known as the ‘Goldfish Party’

“GigtheGoldfish” — a Serious and Valuable Mission

The rally cry “GigtheGoldfish” identifies a focus, energy and motivation to resolve serious issues–infrastructure, immigration, climate, health, poverty, the national deficit and the military.

“GigtheGoldfish” Campaigns

“GigtheGoldfish” attractive in American lives. “GigtheGoldfish” websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, podcasts and video contact will reach into every area of life.

Gig-In-the-News: “GigtheGoldfish” will be at morning TV shows, on late night TV and at public events such as Game Day.

The Gig-mobile: A van wrapped in “GigtheGoldfish” logos will travel to major events.

Flying banners: Banners will be flown over football games, beaches, and at major events.

Balloons, Signs & 3D replicas: Parade and smaller “GigtheGoldfish” balloons and replicas will be used as possible. Pull-out scroll signs and placards will also be evident across America.

“GigtheGoldfish” Super Pac will assist in funding efforts for the mission and campaigns.

Goldfish Challenges and Gigs Impossible: The websites and Facebook will offer these quests. Whoever completes a quest first will receive gifts, prizes and rewards.


You are encouraged to share this vision and become part of “GigtheGoldfish”.
The best and final Gig of the Goldfish will be his loss in the next election