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is an online community that lets you get involved in poking the Goldfish President with gigs and products

Join in and help us GigtheGoldfish.

GigthGoldfish is the concept and mission of a group from West Tennessee and is becoming a focus and rally point for everyone in the Democratic Party. Our mission is to restore Honor, Integrity, Respect, Truth and Character to the Presidency.

ready to play your part?

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“GigtheGoldfish” attractive in American lives. “GigtheGoldfish” websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, podcasts and video contact will reach into every area of life.

Gig-In-the-News: “GigtheGoldfish” will be at morning TV shows, on late night TV and at public events such as Game Day.

The Gig-mobile: A van wrapped in “GigtheGoldfish” logos will travel to major events.

Flying banners: Banners will be flown over football games, beaches, and at major events.

Balloons, Signs & 3D replicas: Parade and smaller “GigtheGoldfish” balloons and replicas will be used as possible. Pull-out scroll signs and placards will also be evident across America.

“GigtheGoldfish” Super Pac will assist in funding efforts for the mission and campaigns.

Goldfish Challenges and Gigs Impossible: The websites and Facebook will offer these quests. Whoever completes a quest first will receive gifts, prizes and rewards.